Monday, 23 September 2013

How to RESET Administrator Password in WINDOWS after you forget the password

Very Widely People ask this Question, How can they RESET password, once they forget Admin password in their WINDOWS Operating System..

Here is Small Trick, How you can do it ?

You need BlackBuntu Linux Pentesting Distro, which you can download from here or any Linux iso..

1). Burn Your ISO in pendrive with the help of unetbootin or Google some iod image burner and burn it to your CD/DVD.

If you have Blackbuntu , than you can skip 1st command "apt-get" 1.
Now, Run Live Linux and follow below command..

PHP Code:
root@worldofhacker~# apt-get install chntpwroot@worldofhacker~# fdisk -lroot@worldofhacker~# mount /dev/sdaX /mntroot@worldofhacker~# chntpw -l /mnt/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAMroot@worldofhacker~# chntpw -u Administrator /mnt/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM 

Now, Before you run this command, you should know what all they do..

Command @ line 1 -> will install "chntpw"
Command @ line 2 -> will check the hard disk partition.
Command @ line 3 -> change X to no that windows is installed in for example sda1, sdb1, hda1, etc./. and this will mount it.
Command @ line 4 -> it will list all user associated in your windows.
Command @ line 5 -> Change `Administrator` with your username and leave blank as password.
And press Enter.

If everything okay ?
Restart your system, select user and login with no password. 

Thats it.

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